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School - Buildings

Sprawled over a huge area of _____ acres, Frame International School is a well-maintained institution equipped with all modern facilities, essential for an unsurpassed development of your child.

A huge multi-storied building complemented with a magnificent playground is housed within the school premises ever since its establishment in the year. Besides having an eco-friendly ambience and lavish green surroundings, the school hosts excellent infrastructural facilities and well-ventilated classrooms, highly-equipped laboratories, and premium quality furniture. The infrastructure of the school is an intelligently planned layout that houses separate rooms for craft, art, music, dance, cultural events, audio-visual learning, auditorium, laboratories, indoor plays, outdoor sports, and digital based e-learning. The massive library is furnished with all ingredients essential to quench the appetite of futuristic scholars. The swimming pool and medical room are added cherries in the school infrastructure.

To ensure the safety of students and staff our school is monitored by CCTV surveillance and firefighting equipment for 24 x 7.


Frame International School aims to reap scholars adept with unmatched scientific and mathematical skills who can serve the intricate challenges of the futuristic era. The school devotes core attention to students’ right from their early age.

There are well-furnished and separate labs for Chemistry, Physics, Life Sciences and Mathematics planned in the school to offer students with high-quality, practical learning required for better comprehension of these subjects. The curriculum at Frame International School is designed to enhance student’s learning through keen observation in various zones of life processes, chemical properties, scientific theories, materials and physical properties. The students are expected and motivated to conduct the experiments and identify results. The full-fledged Math lab intends to make learning more interactive and convenient.

There are regular science and mathematical symposia, science fairs, and exhibitions conducted in the school on a regular basis and the talented pool is encouraged to participate in Science and Mathematics Olympiads.

Computer Labs

Windows is a path to the global wisdom! Information and Communication Technology have become an integral part of modern lifestyle.

Frame International School inculcates ITC in its curriculum right from a very early stage. With state-of-the-art computer laboratories for junior and senior wings, the school offers latest software and hardware to the students. The student to system ratio of 1:1 caters individual needs of each student and foster development to meet the challenges of modern world. The experienced and skilled faculty assists students in every possible way to update their knowledge as well as make them gain proficiency in the subject.

We also introduce an exclusively attached digital library to the computer lab that offers students a collection of informative and educative CDs on numerous subjects. Students are trained to gather quality information from the Internet for their various subjects, projects and for their day-to-day learning.

Learning Resource Centres

The Learning Resource Center at Frame International School is the cynosure for all. This is an exclusively and well-planned Library and media center that is centrally air-conditioned and fully computerized.

The transactions of books are carried by an automated process of with bar coding and help track the yearly progress of a student. The students are encouraged to make books their friends and make reading a habit by offering them timed sufficiently and regular periods of the library as a subject. The ambience, facilities, and collection of books are planned to best fit the needs and tastes of children of varying age groups. One can find an extensive assortment of a meticulously selected collection of books on various subjects, magazines, journals, and periodicals.

Students can also avail updated reference books, question banks and study materials to prepare well for competitive exams. Our school intends to contribute to the student’s progress from all aspects and books being a major memorabilia.

Sports Facilities

The Frame International School envisions overall developing the personality of their students in terms of mental, social and physical perseverance by way of well-planned, advanced and well-equipped sports program.

The school introduced a quality sports curriculum focusing on the holistic development of the child. Both outdoor and indoor sports are encouraged to offer students with a quality learning approach. Volleyball, Lawn Tennis, Swimming, Skating, Football, Basketball, SoftBall, Archery are some of the major outdoor sports. Besides these, the school also practices indoor sports like Table Soccer, Chess, Table Tennis, Carom, and Snooker. Students are offered with regular practice and guidance from experienced coaches, who have already helped our students participate and win in numerous sports based on National and International Levels.

Gymnasium, Cricket, Taekwondo, Karate, and Yoga are other additional sports that are integrated into the curriculum right from the pre-primary level.

Flipped Smart Class

Frame International School offers Computer Aided Learning and Teaching through Smart Class using Plasma Screens for children of age group 6-15 years.

Our Smart Class solutions are designed to enable teachers to analyze and evaluate the learning achieved by students. It is an exccedingly interactive approach to learning that makes lessons come alive. Through Smart Class, our teachers use a range of digital sources like Videos, Animates Clips, Graphs, Maps, Diagrams, Computer Simulations, and working models to offer children with better and faster understanding of the concepts taught. Selected topics are presented to children in an interesting way to encourage better understanding.

Our smart class option offers children with information and knowledge supply far beyond the physical limitations of the classroom and brings the virtual world to their tables, hence exponentially enhancing the practical use and learning of important topics.

Music & Dance Class

We offer our students an energetic and vibrant arts program that plays an essential role in their overall personality development.

Students can get benefit from various opportunities for music, dance, theatre, and art to facilitate their social, intellectual and creative learning. Co-curricular activities like these are integrated into our curriculum on a regular basis to offer students with the opportunity to participate in a plethora of performances and excel one that interests them. We even have an auditorium where drama, theatre, art and music competitions are organized on a regular basis at the inter-school levels. Our music and dance classrooms are well-equipped with modern instruments and students are imparted practical training from experts and certified teachers.

We consider dance and music as channels of soothing the soul and promoters towards a stress-free learning. Music and dance are as vital subjects for us, like any other theoretical and practical subject.

Transport Facilities

The school operates air-conditioned buses on particular routes covering almost all nearby regions. We follow a well-planned route system on the basis of availability of transport, seats, bust stops, and requests of parents.

Security of our students is our major concern, and hence every bus is accompanied by a trained driver, a teacher and a transport coordinator on duty. Our drivers are experienced and licensed by the respective government. Transport coordinators are our proficient employees and are trained on basic first aid and safety skills such as firefighting to ensure appropriate handling of an emergency situation. A first aid kid is always available on the bus. All buses are repaired and manufactured in adherence to the government rules and regulations.

Periodic checks of drivers, maintenance of buses, and routine maintenance are some of the procedures followed by school management on a regular basis to ensure smooth operations.